Inspire the world with your ideas!

Talkonomy is a new place online to share, discover and discuss ideas! Why Ideas?!!! You already know :-) Most ideas may be dime a dozen but some are worth the world on a platter. Big or small, crude or refined, we felt, every idea needs a place where it can evolve in the company of other similar ideas. We believe miracles happen when ideas have sex and built Talkonomy to make this happen. Its full of interesting corners (Micro Topics) where people with similar ideas share their thoughts, hangout and evolve together. Moreover, Talkonomy connects these corners / topics intelligently to help you discover more inspiring themes and ideas! Unlimited exploration guaranteed! :-) Come, rekindle your imagination and join the 'Idea Revolution'! The world needs your ideas!

App submitted Mon 23 Dec '13

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A social place to share ideas and thoughts

Review posted Fri 27 Dec '13

Personally, I seem to come up with my best ideas while I'm in the shower in the mornings. I'm sure there have been a couple of times when I've almost solved world peace and I know that i pre-empted cloud ... Read more