The Rent Rite Directory

Improving Communities Through Shared Information

The Rent Rite Directory is a website providing a free-to-use, easily searchable database of problem tenants who skip out on rent, have a past record of late payments, destruction of premises, non-payment of rent or utilities, lease violations, evictions (filed but not completed and therefore not reported) and those who pose as a “proxy” resident for someone else, many times a criminal. The Rent Rite Directory enables rental property managers and owners to bring down the make ready costs, write offs and criminal activity on their properties saving them millions of dollars annually. The Rent Rite Directory also offers the most comprehensive Tenant Screening services available in today’s marketplace by services compiling the information from the Incident Reporting database with traditional Credit and Criminal Reports offering the most comprehensive screening service available anywhere. By combining these tools the RRD has proven beneficial to a company’s goals, business relationships and profit/loss management - making it the most effective screening program available.

App submitted Thu 8 Dec '11

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Review posted Sun 11 Dec '11

It used to be that confirming the quality and integrity of potential tenants was a lengthy and time consuming business. Over the years, things have improved enormously for landlords but to thoroughly check out the credentials of a tenant there ... Read more