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Tipspedia is a unique and truly innovative app that provides timely solutions, ideas and valuable tips when you need them the most. There are various situations in life when you are truly baffled with lack of answers. The situation may be an informal one such as what to wear on the first date or something on a serious note like where to invest for high returns. Whatever may be the tone of the situation, Tipspedia will provide that valuable piece of advice so as to take a better decision. Now you don’t have to look into different places or go after people in search of the best answers and ideas. Get immediate access to all the ideas on the go which will help in choosing the correct alternative. Easily installed on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, Tipspedia provides a highly aesthetic menu wherein different categories have been enlisted so that tips can be obtained quickly.

App submitted Sat 22 Dec '12

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Review posted Wed 26 Dec '12

I used to work with a guy who I once described in a newsletter as someone who knew a little bit about everything. If he didn't know enough about the subject, he always seemed to know where to get that ... Read more