Todays Trader Magazine

One man App-band

Todays Trader Magazine is a monthly digital publication for traders and investors designed exclusively for the iPad. The magazine has a broad Trading & Investment focus that includes: - Medium to long term market analysis - Coversing Fundamental & Technical view points - Includes in-depth analysis of a broad spectrum of markets - Stocks, Forex, Commodities, Options, Index futures etc... - Beginner lessons on trading - Technical Analysis chart studies including pattern analysis - Trading Psychology - New trading and analysis techniques - Interviews - Book reviews ... and more The app is free to download and the first issue of the magazine is free too.

App submitted Mon 30 Jul '12

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A new stock and trading magazine for your iPad

Review posted Fri 3 Aug '12

Understanding the trading and investment market is essential for people who are dabbling in the money markets of the world. And while there are several other online trading magazines available but Today's Trader Magazine is the first to offer both ... Read more