Traffic Light Feedback

Quick, Efficient Customer Feedback

Feedback Matters.

Few businesses find time to keep in regular contact with all their customers, even if it’s just to check that they are happy.

Traffic Light Feedback sends out a positive message about your company – showing how proactive you are and that you care about meeting your customers’ needs.

You get back immediate information about your customers’ current requirements – so you can prioritise and respond promptly, seizing opportunities to win additional business and acting to address any concerns, helping to cement the customer relationship.

What’s more, Traffic Light Feedback retains the details of all customer feedback over time, so you have the complete history of all your customers’ feedback at your fingertips.

So, what are you waiting for? Send your customers a traffic light feedback questionnaire today to make the most of your business intelligence and help drive your database marketing campaigns.

App submitted Sun 7 Feb '10
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