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The smartest platform of prediction

We all often read news, but why can’t we find out what other people think about these events? Learn the opinion of the community to the world questions, ask your own question and earn at the predictions of the events. A new exciting platform for exchanging opinions with the elements of game allows you to learn forecasts of the future events. Market predictions help to make decisions based on the opinions of the crowd. Our project is a symbiosis of a social betting, a news site and a site for polls. Ask your question to the audience and get profit. The more people express their opinions the more your income. The person who had made the correct prediction gets profit, too. This makes the players interested in exploring the question. A simple technique of inviting visitors to the game makes the process interesting and exciting. Are you interested in forecasting of companies' stocks, metal prices, weather, the probability of a technological breakthrough or forecasting of the probability of winning the election by a particular candidate? Then our project is for you! Ask questions by yourself, invite people, predict, share ideas, get the reward. It's now easier to find out what the experts think about tomorrow, to do the analysis on the basis of forecasts, learn more about world events.

App submitted Thu 16 Feb '12

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Earn money while predicting the future

Review posted Wed 22 Feb '12

I'm not sure who this addictive little analytical and social marketplace game is aimed at but it has sure got to me. could be used to assist the betting man in working out whether to have a flutter on ... Read more