Tripomatic for iPhone

Visual travel guide on your iPhone - Tripomatic

What’s so great about the app? Imagine visiting an unknown city for the first time. The Tripomatic app helps you figure out what’s worth seeing. Launch the app, shake your phone and see all the interesting places around on a map. Pick the ones you like to create a custom itinerary right away. Your trip plans are synced with Tripomatic on the web, so you can plan ahead from your Mac or PC as well. All that completely for free. We built the app to be fun to use and great to look at. Less boring text and buttons, more beautiful pictures and easy-to-use gestures. This is not yet another ordinary travel guide.

App submitted Thu 10 May '12
Tags iphone travel

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Not just another travel guide

Review posted Fri 11 May '12

Just what the world needs, you say? Another travel guide application? Well, to my mind there can't be enough of them and Tripomatic for iPhone is one of the best. It's a comprehensive guide that you keep in your pocket ... Read more