Tucoola’s team developed a platform that enables us to provide parents with a unique service that monitors, measures, assesses, and enhances the development progress of children aged 2-8 by employing fun games in accordance with their age.

Tucoola’s Children’s Zone provides a safe area for children, offering fun, age-appropriate games. The Children’s Zone offers games, coloring pages and videos, and also grants virtual awards to the children as part of their activity at the site.

Tucoola offers a new, unique personalized system for each registered child, who will be able to benefit from a customized enhancement program which, suited to your child’s basic skill level and learning ability. This customized program enhances the child’s development progress and allows him to have his own tailor-made plan and personalized time table.

The Parent’s Zone provides parents with multiple monitoring reports of their children’s personalized development program. This zone also provides parents with the opportunity to sample a few fun games, and gain a better understanding of the potential benefit to their individual child.

Tucoola is committed to helping parents understand their children’s strengths and weaknesses in addition to concurrently providing the parents with the tools required to support their child/children to reach his/her/their full potential. Enhancing basic skills such as language acquisition, visual memory, auditory memory, attention, hand-eye coordination, multidimensional perception and planning will ensure that your child will reach his/her full potential, both academically and financially.

To assure success and accuracy, Tucoola’s methods and algorithm were developed by experts from various segments of the children education field. Tucoola’s experts include members of academia, child behavioral psychologists, authorities from the Israeli Ministry of Education, children educators, preschool developers and contributing parents.

App submitted Sat 3 Sep '11

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