UControl Weight

Introducing UControl Weight, a leap forward in the art of a healthy diet and lifestyle!

Introducing UControl Weight, a leap forward in the art of a healthy diet and lifestyle!

Every day, we eat food items that are full of calories without even realizing it. The UControl Weight application for your mobile device guides you in day-to-day life by keeping track of your eating habits. Throughout the day you can add the food items that you had and the application will smartly track your calorie intake, and more.

UControl Weight is part of a smarter diet. You carry your phone everywhere ¬ so it just makes sense to bring your diet on the move with you.

Main Features of UControl Weight app

- Coach yourself towards a healthy diet and lifestyle
- Easy, 3-step traffic light system.
- Built-in Chef for great food suggestions
- Let the app remind you of important events/tasks -
- 4 languages support (English, Dutch, German, Turkish)
- Dietitian checked content

The UControl Weight app is unlike any smart diet that you have tried; it allows you to keep eating your favorite foods whilst educating and motivating you to keep a balanced, healthy diet.

Every time you have a meal or snack, simply tap the vibrant icons to add it to your daily intake. You can tap multiple times to change the amounts. Also, if any specific food item is not available as a predefined button, you can manually add the food item to the calorie counter within a few taps. The smart application can sort breakfast, lunch and dinner into their own categories, so that you can see when you eat the most ¬and when you eat less.

- Meet your coach: UControl Weight includes a smart diet plan and a personal Coach that will help you to lose weight.

- The coach can also remind of important events: you type in what’s coming up and get reminded when it’s time (e.g. useful for medication reminders).

- Each day brings a new, healthy food plan with calorie targets for every meal. The easy yet effective program keeps you eating healthy and leads you through a straightforward, step-by-step plan.

- If you have eaten between meals, you can add the calories to your overall total. Also, if you have participated in any exercise then you can tap an icon and UControl Weight will decrease your calorie counter.

- How do I know that I am having a healthy day? That’s why the UControl Weight application is so smart; it guides you through a ‘traffic light’ diet:

- Having a healthy day? The traffic light will show green.
- Eating just a bit over the limit? The traffic light will show yellow.
- Having an unhealthy day? The traffic light shall show red.

UControl Weight helps in counting calories which would be the easiest technique for keeping your weight down. It automatically tracks the composition of your diet and tells you how to achieve a well balanced daily diet.
Download now and start having a healthy, balanced diet!

App submitted Tue 30 Apr '13

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