Universal Private Banking

Best way to earning and receive a FREE website to build your network
BE PART OF THE PRE-LAUNCH OF THE FIRST WORLD PRIVATE BANKING IN NETWORK MARKETING PHASE 1 - From now to June 9, 2013 Register for FREE and receive a FREE website to build your network. PHASE 2 – From June 10 to June 14, 2013 Make a single payment of $20 (twenty dollars) to secure your position in the launch of this incredible Global Binary Network. PHASE 3 Final – June 17, 2013 Opening of your account in the UNIVERSAL PRIVATE BANKING, you will gain access to all of the advantages of our UNIVERSAL FORTUNE system. When you register, you will have an opportunity to have a bank account with the exclusive UNIVERSAL PRIVATE BANKING MASTERCARD delivered to your address and you can use it in more than 210 countries without restrictions, with the unique advantages of the Universal Fortune system. http://apsense.cc/1f7330 Cash Back – Your balance is credited to your bonus account with up to 50%. Cash Card – Every time someone uses the Universal MasterCard, you earn a bonus. Cash Direct – Every time you refer someone to open an account, you earn a bonus. Cash Universal – You can earn a percentage of all of the accounts of the Universal Private Banking. Cash Unlimited – Unlimited Bonus credited to your account daily. And you can withdraw without limit in more than 2.5 million ATMs in over 210 countries. CHOOSE YOUR UNIVERSAL PRIVATE BANKING ACCOUNT SIMPLE – Ideal for those wishing to have a presence online. You get 5% extra bonus in your account + Bonus Cash Direct. Once your account reaches the minimum balance you receive your Universal Mastercard. PERSONAL - For you who want to start with all the benefits and advantages of the system UNIVERSAL FORTUNE + 10% extra bonus on your account and all other bonuses available. BUSINESS – For anyone who takes advantage of opportunities in a professional and want to get impressive results. You gain + 30% extra bonus on your account and all the special advantages. UNIVERSAL – For leaders of large companies that want to build a global network in over 210 countries available. With + 40% extra bonus in your account and special bonuses on all networks. PRIVATE – Only 50 leaders in each country can be part of this select group that receives + 50% extra bonus on your own unique advantages. http://apsense.cc/1f7330
App submitted Sun 28 Apr '13

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