Your photos connected to the real world

With UrbanBird, your photos get commented automatically with dates, locations, titles and descriptions! They are also displayed on a map and you can get suggestions of places to visit based on where you've been.

What makes UrbanBird unique?

1) The hashtag feature to easily search photos a la Twitter:
- http://urbanbird.io/demo to access the photos of the user called demo
- http://urbanbird.io/demo#Parks to access his photos taken in a park
- http://urbanbird.io/demo#SanFrancisco to access his photos of San Francisco
- Works with titles, descriptions, locations and dates taken!

Also works with the maps! Just go to http://urbanbird.io/demo/GBRsJm82bmal5jebZjVvPQ and type keywords like “Beaches”, “Parks”, “Bar” for an example.

UrbanBird is a beautiful new way for you and others to explore your photos!

2) Get suggestions of places to visit based on where the pictures where taken and where you are right now!

Let me give you an example: A friend of mine went to Boston last week. During his trip, he took a picture in a French Restaurant. By clicking on his picture, I can get suggestions of similar French restaurants around where I am right now or around the restaurant. I can also click on "Menu" to see the restaurant's menu or “Get Directions” to get the directions to the place he had dinner!

With UrbanBird, get your photos connected to the real world.

App submitted Wed 12 Mar '14

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