Vent - Get it off your chest

Get it off your chest

Vent is a social app that lets you share your frustrations without the fear of being de-friended, called into the principal’s office or upsetting your boss. Instead of ranting on Twitter or Facebook - where people know who you are and don’t want to hear about it, you can now unleash to a group of like-minded people who are happy to help you get it off your chest. Vent lets you create a persona, then share your frustrations by choosing your mood on the spectrum of ‘calm’ to ‘furious’ and posting a description of up to 240 characters. We all know that misery enjoys company, so Vent also encourages you to follow other ‘Venters’ and be followed in return. This way you can comment, favourite, keep up with the most popular vents and generally be entertained. So get it off your chest and get on with your day.

App submitted Thu 8 May '14

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