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Introducing a new crowdsourced video dictionary: Vifinition Vifinition ( is changing the way words and phrases can be defined. It is an urban video dictionary where you can define, or rather vifine just about anything with videos. It is a new and fun way to show your creativity and share it with your friends and the world. “Pretty darn awesome little thing” – Josh Lockhart, Even though the beta version of the site was launched only in September, bloggers and other users have already seen a lot of potential in Vifinition.'s Josh Lockhart mentioned in his review that “as a video-maker myself, I think Vifinition is a pretty darn awesome little thing. It has great potential to go beyond the novelty of being a video dictionary, and it could actually become a resource that is incredibly extensive”. “We offer our users a new way of being creative by linking words to videos that initially might have been totally unrelated to each other,” Hameed Ahmed, co-founder of Vifinition says. After something has been vifined, users rate Vifinitions and through that ensure that the dictionary keeps on getting more accurate over time – or at least more enjoyable. Vifinition is a crowdsourced website, and that is how the Vifinition team wants to keep it. “We want to stay away from moderation as much as possible,” Ahmed continues. “The whole idea around Vifinition is to let people define and shape the site.”

App submitted Sun 18 Mar '12

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