Mobile Relationship Management
VIPorbit is the best way to manage contacts, calendars, and communications on the iPhone and iPad. From the co-inventor of the contact management application ACT!, it manages all the details about your contacts, so you can deal with more people, more effectively. Your contacts and calendar are linked for easy communication, scheduling and automated activity tracking, including a chronology of calls, meetings, to-do’s and notes. And, you can modify the app to capture the info you need. With VIPorbit, you'll turn relationships into business assets.
App submitted Tue 26 Jun '12

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Manage your contacts, calendars and communication easily

Review posted Tue 3 Jul '12  ·  19 comments

Take a look at your desk! It's a bit of a mess isn't it? It's lucky that you know whats going on because there are bits of paper all over the place that only you know what to do with. ... Read more