Visa Business Network

A community of people moving their businesses forward and achieving their goals

Set a goal and get support from the community. What can you improve or do better? Determine what to tackle, and craft a goal. Choose from one of our five categories, or write your own, then connect with others around your goals.

Leverage tools and get expert help. Put powerful business tools from Google to work for you, and get answers and advice from the professionals at SCORE.

Forge relationships. Come together with other businesses for feedback and inspiration as you take steps towards your goals, and return the favor by helping others move forward towards theirs.

Get new customers and leads. Tell the story of your business with a searchable web page to attract new business, and use the collective wisdom of the community for referrals and leads.

Achieve your goal. Attract new customers, master a skill, expand your opportunities. Whatever goal started your journey, the rewards are tangible when you end it. But don’t stop there—create a new goal and achieve something else.

Realize dreams for your business. Remember the passion that inspired you to start your business? Reconnect with it and see your big plans and ideas come to life.

App submitted Mon 10 Aug '09

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