OS X Mercury

It's like a Mac on a PC

Originating from the thought to put personal things in a cool and stylish way on the web, the idea for a new kind of website came to light. After reaching enlightenment with Mac OS X Tiger, I wanted to put my personal desktop with personal content online. In an enlightening way. From today, you will never look at other personal homepages quite the same way again. Presenting OS X Mercury. Because it’s 2007.

Mercury is driven by the Oxygen framework, an advanced collaboration of DHTML and JavaScript technologies, as well as Web 2.0 components, which result in an all-new kind of window management, giving you the best possible experience ever seen on a website. Oxygen makes it possible to have multiple programs in Mercury open, working seamlessly together. Just like you would expect it from a Mac.

App submitted Tue 3 Jul '07
Tags web os

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