Share. Stay informed.

Welshare is a sharing platform where you can get what’s missing in twitter and facebook. Some of the main features are:

- Aggregating your twitter and facebook streams in addition to the internal stream
- Unified like button – “like” means “I like this, and I want my friends to know about that”;
- Search – search the whole site, your stream or your own messages;
- Social reputation – simple formula for measuring social reputation. Providing rankings based on city and country;
- friends and followers – if you are a friend with someone, add them as friend. If you are just interested in their “stuff” – follow them;
- Notifications – you get notified on events from welshare, facebook and twitter, with a unified interface.
- Viral graph with url shortening – each user in the viral graph for a given link can track his contribution to spreading the link

App submitted Mon 16 May '11

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