What? Why? How? - Funny facts for savvy kids

Parents are asked 228 questions a day - What? Why? How? is the app for kids who want to know it all... and want it now!

Kids are naturally curious and it's not easy nowadays to answer thousands of questions without Wikipedia around.

What? Why? How? has 7 packs with facts about Nature, the Human Body, Animals, Dinosaurs, Science, Curiosities and History - and Nature's pack is free! There are 27 questions and answers in each pack... and some even have bonus questions added.

Each card is narrated by a native english speaker and all the questions were based in Science, explained in a way that kids from +3 can understand. We believe kids should be independent and learn by themselves.

Complying with the latest App Store's guidelines for children's apps, What? Why? How? not only features a kids' friendly interface but also uses a parental gate to stop kids from accessing external links, providing personal info (in the contacts section) or accidentally buying contents. What? Why? How? is also free from third-party advertising.

App submitted Thu 9 Jan '14

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