Simplest way to find out what your friends are up to now

Whese is an app for people who loves to share every moment of their lives who are scared of boring people and fill their follower’s main screen with their posts on other social networks. You can also show what you are up to by adding your own words and choosing location, also people around you. Whese Features: Whese works in realtime, whenever you post a new update; it appears on your followers' screen instantly. Only latest posts of people appear on your screen; if you want to see older posts then you can still check your friend's profile. Unlimited posts can be sent. You can like posts, and also chat over posts.

App submitted Mon 18 Aug '14

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Review posted Sun 31 Aug '14

If someone asks you whether you've been 'whese-ing' these days, you might be mistaken into thinking that they were inquiring about your health. However, there's another use of the word that has less to do with the state of your ... Read more