Whooligan: Who's your side?

Your. Football. Brand.

Whooligan is a new global soccer, lifestyle and multimedia brand created and marketed by web based, user generated content. They call this new approach of using viral social media to create and market a tangible brand on and off the web, the Web 2.0². Whooligan uses the slogan “Who’s your side?” in an attempt to exploit global soccer rivalries and cultural identity. Users have to choose their sides before joining- one of over 3,000 club teams around the globe and one national team. Once signed up they can interact on the team portals and share videos and photos in their supporter stands, talk trash in the rival stands, and participate in forums. Gigya embed widgets are on all multimedia so users can spread the content across the internet universe. All content is linked together & searchable through a system of tagging.

In addition to the main team portal app, users can contribute special brand content. Whooligan has two brand channels currently, Whooligear and Whoolihoodz. On the Whooligear users can submit creative designs for supporters of their side or make fun of rival sides. They are encouraged to use the club & national team portals for inspiration. Each design is put on a sprout widget and can be sent around the internet to gain support. These designs are then voted on by the community and sold. The Whoolihoodz section concentrates on street and freestyle soccer. The site encourage users here to represent their cities and neighborhoods with multimedia posts. Street gear and music will be added to the Whoolihoodz shortly. Future brand channels include Whoolipets (animal related posts), Whoolibabes (girls), Whooliheroes (comics/superheroes), Whooliwood (gossip blog), and Whooliha! (funny content).

App submitted Tue 9 Dec '08
Tags social sport

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