WIKI DO: Things to Do today in your city! (Beta only in USA)

WikiDo is a local event search engine. Searchers can find nearby concerts, social events, parades, theater shows and more. WikiDo automatically gathers data on hundreds of thousands of events from various websites. Users may manually add and edit listings as well. WikiDo doesn't charge event submission fees.

People can use WikiDo to search for local kids activities, musicals, sports events, live music, art shows and nightlife. It offers an easy way to promote events as well. Promoters can submit individual listings or request that WikiDo periodically check their websites.

Each WikiDo listing provides a date, time, place and description. Visitors can click on a link to access the promoter's website and learn more. Users may also add comments to any listing. They can supply tips or express their opinions about the venue. The website doesn't contain advertising. This makes it faster and easier to use.

WikiDo lets users search for events by keyword, location, date or type. After searching, they can narrow the results by clicking on tags (e.g. basketball, ballet, jazz, fitness, pop, live show, etc..) or category names (e.g. festivals, arts and museum, technology, etc..) in the sidebar. If there aren't any listings for a specific town or city, the site shows events in neighboring cities. It also provides an estimate of the travel distance for each event.

WikiDo was created in Italy by two brothers named Niccolo and Giuseppe Becchi. They began working on the system in 2010 and launched the website in October 2012. It currently serves Internet users in the United States. In the future, the developers plan to add event listings for countries in Australia, Europe and beyond. 

App submitted Wed 19 Dec '12

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It's a 21st Century next generation interactive city entertainment guide

Review posted Thu 20 Dec '12

I wonder how many of you know what's going on in terms of entertainment in your city tonight. You'll probably think you have a pretty good idea but it's actually fairly difficult to get a grip on the multitude of ... Read more