Word Ninja

Word Ninja is an educational game that helps kids and adults improve their spelling.

Are you a spelling samurai? Sharpen your sword and test your Sensei skills across four cities and 48 levels in order to become the number one Word Ninja!
In “Word Ninja” the goal is to slice the correct spellings, while avoiding to slice the incorrect ones. The game is free and has many features intended to help kids improve their spelling the fun way:

- Over 4,000 words to practice spelling with
- Four unique stages with twelve levels per stage
- Easy gameplay, just simple swipe-to-slice actions (demo available here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkodgP0apco)
- Slash combos for higher scores and share them on Facebook to challenge friends
- Great HD graphics

Remember the pen is always mightier… but it helps to have a sharp sword as well. The game is suitable for kids that want to improve their spelling (first levels) but also for adults that want to perfect their spelling skills as the higher levels use a very difficult vocabulary that is challenging for native/non-native English speakers.

App submitted Mon 5 May '14

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