The future of e-commerce is you !

Promo code (WorldCraze): F1rst!

WorldCraze is a CrowdShopping platform which connects people willing to buy items at the lowest prices!

Have you already wanted to buy something that's not available in your own country or just happens to be cheaper elsewhere?
Use WorldCraze to buy food, clothing and even high tech goods from all around the world!
No need to worry about excessive delivery costs and the risk of breakage as your purchases are brought to you by WorldCraze travelers.
They buy the object, brand new, in a shop of your choice and receive a bonus on delivery. And to ensure the utmost security, WorldCraze guarantees the payment!
So do not wait to order cheese, jeans or the latest smartphone.

WorldCraze, the future of e-commerce is you!

App submitted Sat 15 Mar '14

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