Are You Worthy of Me?

Worthy, a new social app designed for iOS 7, gamifies the way people meet new friends who share the same interests and values, is being featured worldwide in App Store’s home page in 37 countries, including newly launched “Designed for iOS 7” section.

There are thousands of friends making apps on App Store, the creators of Worthy believe many of these apps are not really helping people to discover and connect with people who are alike and share the same values. The problem being these apps allow people to add friends randomly, who mostly judge others by their profile pictures.

Worthy has a radically new approach to meeting people online. Uniquely different from other Social Apps currently in the market, Worthy asks users to set 3 questions of their own, representing what he or she thinks or like. When someone what to get connected with you, he or she will have to correctly answer these questions, making sure you will only be contacted by others who share the same answers with you - for they have proved they are worthy of your time and consideration.

The design of Worthy is fully optimized for iOS 7. Taking advantage of the new user experience and design principle, the results is a more engaging user experience and richer user interactions. Worthy is now being featured worldwide in App Store newly launched “Designed for iOS 7” section.

Find people who share your favorite band or movie. Discover people nearby your area with similar tastes and interests by answering other users' questions to learn their tastes and values. If you answer their questions like they do, you proved yourself your worthiness and can get in touch with them!

Worthy is freely available on App Store today in seven languages including English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, French, German and Spanish.

App submitted Sat 21 Sep '13

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