WyckWyre.com gives you the choice: Find jobs on WyckWyre.com’s restaurant job board, or let us find local restaurant jobs for you.

Don’t have time to search? Let WyckWyre.com serve local jobs right to your inbox. You’ll be the first to know about positions near you that need to be filled as soon as possible. You can be the first to apply by just clicking on the links through Job Alerts e-mails. We’ll never send you spam. It’s that simple. What are you waiting for? Land your next restaurant job now.

WyckWyre.com is hands down the best place to find a restaurant job. Searching on those monster job boards for local jobs should be outlawed. With WyckWyre.com, you’ll find local restaurant work that you can apply to online from the comfort of your home.

Think that’s pretty cool? Check this out: with some employers on WyckWyre.com, you’re guaranteed the “first interview” without ever having to leave your house. Employers have the ability to ask you the questions they normally would ask when they initially bring you in for an interview. This is your time to shine, and you can do it from the comfort of your couch.

So the next time you’re looking for a restaurant job, you need to be on WyckWyre.com – the only place serving up local restaurant jobs daily to your inbox and on our job board. Life is about choices – job searching included.

App submitted Mon 26 Sep '11

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