Xtravo Operating System

Xtravo OS is a cloud computing web application using open source and some closed source algorithms, developed by Jawoco.

In 2010, the Xtravo OS was closed down due to some privacy issue raised but according to the latest sources, Jawoco has agreed in their privacy contract that they will surely participate to help National Security if possible with the Xtravo OS.

Xtravo OS gives users unlimited space to store any kind of data and gives them the privacy that users need. Jawoco makes sure users data is not leaked in any manner and keeps upgrading the version of the OS.

Xtravo OS can be downloaded on Windows only and yet can be reached by a single Http://xos.jawoco.com URL from any web browser.

It comes with office apps, sharing services, public chat and much more. Users can even develop their own apps by using the eye OS development platform. What makes Xtravo OS different from eyeOS is the unlimited storage capacity plus Xtravo OS will be incorporated with Xtravo Web Browser.

As of today, it has over 1000 users from which 700 users use it daily.

App submitted Tue 13 Sep '11
Tags web os

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It's cloud computing everywhere.

Review posted Mon 31 Oct '11

Xtravo Operating System basically lets you store, create and edit your data on the cloud seamlessly. It's cloud computing technology allows you to access it from anywhere there is an Internet connection and gives you unlimited space to store any ... Read more