Yanomo - Time tracking, Invoicing and Project Management

Yanomo bridges the gap between report & reality. Write time, actually understand your projects, be a productive team and send pretty invoices.

Why and how it works:

Calendar-based time & to-do tracking.
- One-click calendar interface for time tracking.
- Easy project and to-do management, without limits.
- Sync with iCal and Google Calendar.

The most accurate overviews anywhere.
- Instant overview of projects, budgets & deadlines.
- “Team sourcing” calibrates reports to reality.
- Plan top-down or bottom-up or both. You decide.

Personal dashboard for everybody.
- Share & see what teammates have been up to.
- Instant overview of to-do’s at hand.
- Write today’s time without leaving your dashboard.

Easily create (and send!) your invoices.
- Create professional invoices in a minute.
- Invoice your clients directly online.
- Keep track and know when to send out reminders.

Super scalable. Super stable
- No matter your team size, Yanomo works.
- Seven years worth of happy customers & development time.
- Fully web-based for all browsers and systems.

App submitted Wed 3 Aug '11

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Review posted Mon 17 Oct '11  ·  1 comment

Time tracking can take many forms including the finger in the air method and the pencil, paper and stop-watch routine. With modern technology being what it is however any business reliant on accurate time records for billing purposes is missing ... Read more