Your Pizza Adventure

First of its kind, "Your Pizza Adventure"


Each and every week more than 15 thousand apps are created, Apple alone has reached an astounding 40 billion downloads! Apps that can do everything from locate restaurants, send photos, or slice fruit… so why haven't we seen an app that solely uses real videos in a game style format? Thankfully that wait is over.

"Your Pizza Adventure" places the stressful job of the Pizza Boy in your hands. You control every decision on the quest to make his first successful delivery. But delivering pie isn't easy, and you'll have to navigate him through dangerous neighborhoods where everyone wants a slice. There's more than 300 alternate video's and 150 different choices on your crazy mission to deliver the pizza to its rightful and hungry owner.

Download an app with real video, real people and real characters. An app that crosses the threshold between filmmaking and gaming, pushing the boundaries of media technology and the mobile app world. Your Pizza Adventure is waiting.

Available now on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

View the trailer:

"Your Pizza Adventure" is made by the company "Your Perfect Adventure". A team of filmmakers, actors, and game designers, who bring interactive, live action, movie games to life, through multimedia.
To speak with a representative of the group and find out how this groundbreaking app was made, and what the next exciting adventure will be, please contact the following.

Created by:

Alexandra [email protected]
Raquel Cantu
John KD Graham
Andrew Maiorano
Noah Karrer

On Twitter @PizzaAdventure
App Store:

App submitted Wed 27 Nov '13

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