Zanda - rate, review and compare products, places, events and people

Zanda is a social site that lets you rate the world around you. With a unique rating system, Zanda allows you to rate and review items and products, concerts and events and people and places. Zanda helps people make better decisions about the things they buy, the things they do and the places they go. Life is an experience and we want to make sure each one is positive. When it comes down to it, we want to empower everyone. By connecting people with the things they enjoy and seeing ratings from the people you know and trust, we can help each other find the things we really value.

App submitted Thu 5 Dec '13

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Review posted Tue 10 Dec '13

There is so much spam advertising around these days that sometimes it can be a little misleading when trying to make a decision on what you consider to be good recommendations. Whether you are thinking of buying a new car, ... Read more