How brands and retailers execute perfectly. Everywhere.

The retail industry relies on data. Until recently, that data was typically backward-looking: monthly sales results would come in, and execs would then try to figure out what went right, or wrong.

But with Zenput's new app, large retailers and suppliers can get instant insight into how their products are performing at every location they're available. The app allows a company's sales reps, store workers, or contractors to collect data, photos and videos about product displays, pricing, and competitors' offerings, right on their smartphones.

Sales and operations execs can be alerted to trends or issues in real-time, and can fix problems as soon as they arise, rather than after monthly sales misses.

Zenput’s mobile data collection tools allow retailers to build mobile data collection forms in seconds and send them to the mobile devices of their workers. Those employees can then collect data, photos, videos, barcodes and more from their smartphones or tablets. Zenput’s app allows information to be collected and safely stored even when there is no cellphone signal.

Completed forms are available as soon as they are submitted. Zenput’s tools allow execs to analyze the data and quickly make business decisions – rather than spending their time laboriously entering information into spreadsheets. Zenput has a growing number of third party integrations and also allows data to be exported in common formats.

Zenput is already being used by publicly-traded restaurant chains, one of the largest alcohol importers to the U.S., and companies installing products into thousands of Wal-Mart, Target and Rite Aid stores nationwide.

App submitted Tue 27 Aug '13

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