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Rhythm Share

Submitted Wed 10 Nov '10
Share your music with the world

Music social networks for artist to share their music and videos through facebook, and twitter instantly and free. Read more


Submitted Wed 10 Nov '10
The Voice is yours

Politics Social Network! Read more

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  • SaneBox
    An intelligent email management tool that automatically cleans up your inbox
  • Trevvo
    A handy and free CRM for small business that's been designed for your tablet
  • headslinger
    All the news you will ever need
  • Taptrip
    A new kind of social network that already has 4 million users
  • Touristlink
    A travel app that focuses on people as well as places
  • Berry Blast
    Could this be the next Candy Crush Saga?
  • RapidSpike
    Fully automated monitoring to ensure your site or app is always working well
  • ZooKazam
    Wow! There are 3D animals in my room!
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New apps


Submitted Wed 10 Nov '10
Remote desktop designed from the ground-up for...

“World of Warcraft enjoyably playable on your iDevice for the first time.” everyAir is a blazing fast remote desktop application that lets you play games and movies.... Read more


Submitted Wed 10 Nov '10
What will you find today?

We host a FREE Online Bible Code Software. You can search through 39 biblical texts for encoded messages in the Holy Bible. You can also compare two terms and view a visual... Read more


Submitted Wed 10 Nov '10
Do something different

Skyara is a marketplace for experiences, focused on bringing together individuals who seek new experiences with those that can offer them. An experience is a personalized activity... Read more

Submitted Tue 9 Nov '10
Capture and share the best snips from any page

What is a snip? Any bite-size chunk of info worth sharing. It’s an interesting quote, a unique fact, or even a few thought-provoking sentences. You’ll notice a snip at the top of... Read more

Marketing ROI Calculator

Submitted Tue 9 Nov '10
Is Twitter making you money? Find out.

Is Twitter making you money? What about Facebook or Email Newsletters? A very nifty mini-app to calculate if you are making or losing money on your marketing. Discover how much... Read more


Submitted Tue 9 Nov '10
Online Business Card Scanner and Contact...

CogniCard is an online business card scanner that captures information from your business cards. We ensure highest quality by combining OCR (Optical Character Recognition)... Read more


Submitted Tue 9 Nov '10
connected by you

YourNextPresent finds present ideas for you. YNP is fun, enjoyable and fast thanks to YNP users recommending you presents they have already enjoyed. YourNextPresent is uniquely... Read more


Submitted Tue 9 Nov '10
Open and Democratic Project Management

Open, democratic, decentralized social enterprise management. The Open Enterprise Model is a way for people with ideas to connect to others and get those ideas off the ground with... Read more