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Value My Web

Submitted Sat 28 Feb '09  ·  66 comments
Free Website Valuation Report. How Much Is My...

Value My Web – Free Website Valuation Report that reveals how much your website is worth. New website valuation approaches that look at the value of your organic keywords,... Read more


Submitted Sat 28 Feb '09
Search books, CDs, DVDs or videogames and Join a...

Simply log in using a Google Account. Search books, CDs, DVDs or videogames by title, author or barcode. Perform your search on Bibale, Amazon or Google Book Search.Select, rate,... Read more

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  • BrowserStage
    Automate Website Testing
    Submitted Wed 23 Apr '14
  • Fearless Bob
    Submitted Wed 23 Apr '14
  • DNA Activation Oracle Cards
    oracle cards DNA
    Submitted Wed 23 Apr '14
  • Fresh Jets
    A fresh way to fly private.
    Submitted Wed 23 Apr '14
  • Rice
    Location-based marketplace
    Submitted Wed 23 Apr '14
  • B2BWave
    The B2B shopping cart for...
    Submitted Wed 23 Apr '14
  • Speed Racing Ultimate 2
    The speed will be your ally, only if...
    Submitted Wed 23 Apr '14
  • Sproutr
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    Submitted Wed 23 Apr '14
  • Fit Sunglasses
    Upload a picture of your face and...
    Submitted Wed 23 Apr '14
  • Clixifix
    Customer care, simplified: Defect and...
    Submitted Tue 22 Apr '14
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Submitted Sat 28 Feb '09  ·  1 comment
Social Network Advertising made easy

AdParlor is a full service social network advertising agency. It help businesses enter social networking and deliver millions of ads daily on facebook, myspace, hi5, bebo, orkut,... Read more


Submitted Sat 28 Feb '09
See what people have said about the sites you...

wwwitter is a tool that lets you take part in Twitter discussions about any webpage. You can launch wwwitter from any page on the web, and you don’t need a twitter account... Read more


Submitted Sat 28 Feb '09  ·  1 comment
Get things done quicker with KwiClick

KwiClick adds another dimension to your web browser that enhances the way you retrieve information from your favorite web services. It’s time to get information in a faster and... Read more


Submitted Sat 28 Feb '09
making content relevant

A web application to help users aggregate the best of content without worrying about their formats. So users can discover videos, ppts, documents and images from across internet... Read more


Submitted Fri 27 Feb '09  ·  5 comments
Can You Do Better Then What You Have?

Ever wonder if you can do better then the person you are dating, or married to? Think your friend can find a better match and is much better looking then the person they are... Read more

Chat Software Script

Submitted Fri 27 Feb '09  ·  1 comment
Your own small chat website.

ChatScript is a php script for creating your own easy to deploy chat website. Your users can create there own chat group just by passing round a simple link. Easy. Read more


Submitted Fri 27 Feb '09
Measure. Analyze. Evolve

Reinvigorate measures your influence on the web in real-time. Gain up-to-the-minute insight into your audience, then adapt to meet their needs and watch your site grow.... Read more


Submitted Fri 27 Feb '09
Email Marketing Popups that Increase Click...

An email marketing management tool that produces beautiful unblockable popups. View statistics for your popup campaigns including impression, click, and ratio data for each... Read more