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Rate My Street

Submitted Wed 22 Sep '10
how people friendly is your street?

Rate and see street ratings Read more


Submitted Wed 22 Sep '10
Social Network for Humans

Tubri is a new kind of social network based on real life Read more

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Submitted Wed 22 Sep '10
Email custom service

Let your customers send their feedback easily, and find our what are they current needs or requirements. Show a feedback button on your web, a nice looking “button”... Read more


Submitted Tue 21 Sep '10
Create A Social Network and Monetize Today!

We make it easy to Create A Social Network. Our LabSecrets Solution is the perfect combination of technology, support, and inspiration to ensure that you are successful without... Read more


Submitted Tue 21 Sep '10
Connecting Apps to Flow

Wappwolf is the next generation document workflow engine utilizing the full potential of state of the art web 2.0 technologies. Members can employ a wide array of community... Read more


Submitted Tue 21 Sep '10
Simple Error Management

A Simple Way to Collect and Analyze Errors. is a web service which collects errors from web based, server, mobile, and desktop applications and allows you to... Read more

Legal River

Submitted Tue 21 Sep '10
Legal Advice at the right price (free)

Whether you are a small business owner, an attorney or an individual, there is a place for you on Legal River. As a small business owner or individual, you can find legal... Read more


Submitted Tue 21 Sep '10
Simple Project Management Tool

Projecturf is a project management software with an intuitive and elegant interface, unique features, and advanced functionality which is used by businesses and freelancers to... Read more


Submitted Mon 20 Sep '10
The Hottest People on Twitter

TwitRater is a social directory of the most beautiful people on Twitter. Give a 1-10 TwitRating to any Twitter user’s profile picture, leave comments, look up your own... Read more

Submitted Mon 20 Sep '10
Free Group SMS, across the globe! allows you to create groups of friends to notify them instantly with text messages no matter where your friends are. You can create as many Pulses as you would like, and... Read more