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Submitted Tue 12 May '09
Social Network Organizer

Upload your email lists and instantly discover more profiles of your friends. View the various profiles your friends have shared. Add friends as connections on common... Read more


Submitted Tue 12 May '09  ·  18 comments
Find out where your money goes

BudgetSimple is a free, easy to use online budget for your family. It will help you find out where your money is going, and the best way to cut unnecessary expenses. Read more

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  • Smart BMI
    BMI, calculator, weight
    Submitted Wed 23 Jul '14
  • Pass dots
    game, puzzle, multiplayer
    Submitted Wed 23 Jul '14
  • Obvibase
    Obvibase makes creating an online...
    Submitted Wed 23 Jul '14
  • Kroid Android POS
    The best Android Cloud Point of Sale...
    Submitted Wed 23 Jul '14
    Think about everything you do with...
    Submitted Tue 22 Jul '14
  • Popping Twins
    Improve your memory with new game...
    Submitted Tue 22 Jul '14
  • Smartizio
    Manage leave of your employees the...
    Submitted Tue 22 Jul '14
  • QuickFocus SnapUp
    The first offline online wireframe...
    Submitted Tue 22 Jul '14
  • Kinomatic
    Serious Fun Mobile Filmmaking
    Submitted Tue 22 Jul '14
  • Play 42
    Submitted Tue 22 Jul '14
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Submitted Tue 12 May '09  ·  2 comments
Welcome to your user’s head!

Clixpy is a web usability testing tool. It’s very easy to install, just by pasting a few lines of JavaScript code in your site’s HTML. When users browse your website Clixpy traces... Read more


Submitted Tue 12 May '09
The Technology Exploration Platform for Teens

FreshBrain is an open and free web site that provides teens with the opportunity to explore, engage, and create through activities and projects. FreshBrain takes... Read more


Submitted Tue 12 May '09
Making data useful

Timetric is a service for storing, searching, graphing and publishing the world’s statistical data Read more


Submitted Tue 12 May '09
Come in. Dweeb out.

Dweeber is a social website that connects youth and helps them get homework done faster by working with their school friends online. Read more


Submitted Tue 12 May '09  ·  3 comments
Better, Cheaper Collaboration

With CubeTree, employees can: Share ideas across their organization. Get feedback from people with whom they wouldn’t normally interact. Find thought leaders. Form ad... Read more


Submitted Tue 12 May '09
Logic Gate Simulator

Logicly simulates the boolean algebra performed by logic gates, which are a vital part of digital circuitry and computer achitecture. Read more


Submitted Tue 12 May '09
Picture your words

The main Flittr page retrieves the latest tweet from the public timeline and fiddles with the text to generate a search term on Flickr and takes the sixteen highest results and... Read more

Submitted Tue 12 May '09
Start Your Own Blogging Community is a site that allows you to setup your own WordPress based blog community or network – with the minimum of fuss. Set up blogs yourself or let users come to you. Read more