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Submitted Tue 12 Oct '10
Support Your Favorite Stuff Online

Community Supported Web TipTheWeb is a service that lets you directly support your favorite web content by making Tips. We’re a non-profit organization promoting... Read more

Universal Subtitles

Submitted Tue 12 Oct '10
Free and open tools for creating captions,...

The Problem: Web video is beginning to rival television, but there isn’t a good open resource for subtitling. Our Mission: We’re trying to make captioning, subtitling,... Read more

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  • SaneBox
    An intelligent email management tool that automatically cleans up your inbox
  • headslinger
    All the news you will ever need
  • Trevvo
    A handy and free CRM for small business that's been designed for your tablet
  • Berry Blast
    Could this be the next Candy Crush Saga?
  • Touristlink
    A travel app that focuses on people as well as places
  • ZooKazam
    Wow! There are 3D animals in my room!
  • Paradot
    Classic old school gameplay for modern devices
  • Allset
    Have your food ready and waiting for you at your favorite lunchtime restaurant
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New apps

Any New Books?

Submitted Tue 12 Oct '10
Never miss a great book again!

‘Any New Books?’ is a free notification service that was developed to alert you to new books in categories of your choice. You can currently select from 42 categories that span a... Read more


Submitted Tue 12 Oct '10
Maintenance of Vehicles and Fuel Usage

Manage the most important data of your vehicles: motorcycles, cars, vans, trucks, heavy machinery, boats and aircrafts Check the performance of your vehicle depending on fuel... Read more


Submitted Mon 11 Oct '10
Instant Feedback From Friends

StuffBox is a fun way for you to get instant feedback from friends! We all want feedback around the things we’re looking to do, places we’re thinking about going, or things we... Read more


Submitted Mon 11 Oct '10
Manage Your Twitter Followers!

Tollower is a tool that allows you to manage your Twitter followers, Tollower is created for small Twitter accounts which hasn’t more than 1000 followers, you can easily... Read more


Submitted Mon 11 Oct '10
Online orders aggregation service

OrdersPoint will automatically get order from one or more merchant stores and send to fulfillment house/wholesaler/supplier/dropshipper, than retrieve order tracking... Read more


Submitted Mon 11 Oct '10

DesignModo is a community for sharing and discovering best and the high-quality Web Design, Graphic Design, Photography, Web Development, Tutorials, Inspiration, Advertising,... Read more


Submitted Mon 11 Oct '10
Collect the Best business cards around the world

Cardonizer is a gallery of the most Creative, Unique and Unusual business cards from all over the world. We collect only best cards to inspire you! Read more

Submitted Mon 11 Oct '10
Sports news and Sports Headlines | Sports Site |... sports news and articles site by and for sports fans. This is the place for the sports community to discuss latest talking points in sport and express their sports... Read more