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Submitted Thu 17 Sep '09
A JavaScript HTML-Form encryption plugin

In short words jCryption is a javascript HTML-Form encryption plugin, which encrypts the POST/GET-Data that will be sent when you submit a form. It uses the Multiple-precision and... Read more


Submitted Thu 17 Sep '09
Revolutionizing Mobile Comics | Home

Panelfly is an all encompassing comic resource, offering users a inline mobile store, complete library functionality, sequential panel navigation, bookmarking capabilities, and a... Read more

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    One click bookmarking in one location
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Submitted Thu 17 Sep '09
Make cafe-quality coffee on your home espresso...

Barista is an iPhone and iPod Touch application that teaches you to make cafe-quality coffee on your home espresso machine. Read more


Submitted Thu 17 Sep '09  ·  18 comments
Make destiny

Moonit is your online destination for relationship compatibility and guidance. Read more


Submitted Thu 17 Sep '09  ·  2 comments
Private file sharing

GigaTribe is the editor of a community driven application already used by 1 million people to share files privately over the Internet. Many of us have Gigabytes of photos, videos... Read more


Submitted Thu 17 Sep '09
The ultimate and only social camera

Find nearby events or follow popular events from around the world. Read more


Submitted Thu 17 Sep '09
When 140 characters isn't enough.

Send longer tweets. Simply. No links required. Read more

EZ Website Monitoring

Submitted Thu 17 Sep '09
Website Monitoring 2.0

EZ Website Monitoring provides uptime monitoring as well as SEO monitoring. Features include Uptime Monitoring, Response Time Monitoring, Weekly Error Checking, Keyword Ranking... Read more

Fly Recipes

Submitted Wed 16 Sep '09
The go-to destination for fly tying!

Fly Recipes hosts thousands of recipes, which now include the ability to upload step-by-step instructions with photos! Additional features are a video section with hundreds of... Read more

WinWeb OnlineOffice

Submitted Wed 16 Sep '09
Easy small & home business startup software.

Small Business Accounting & Bookkeeping Software, Web-Hosting including Web & Online Shop Builder, Business Planning Software, Cash-flow planning software & SWOT ... Read more