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Submitted Wed 18 Feb '09
Add rotation to your images with MooTools

mRotate.js is a plugin for mootools.js framework. It is an adaptation from jQueryRotate.js whose its author, Pawel Witkowski, defines it like “[…] a final product of a... Read more


Submitted Wed 18 Feb '09
PDF Sharing Simplified

PDFvia is a free service that empowers users to share PDF files with anyone, anywhere, across the world while bypassing email attachments. Users simply upload their PDF document,... Read more

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Submitted Tue 17 Feb '09  ·  5 comments
Making Safe Short URLs

SHUURL is a free short URL service with one BIG difference, other short url services simply redirect you to the shortened link with no regard for your computers safety. At SHUURL... Read more


Submitted Tue 17 Feb '09  ·  2 comments
Free Short URL Redirection Services

Free Short URL Redirection Services Read more


Submitted Tue 17 Feb '09
Connect with parents in your trusted groups

Uptous is an online platform that allows you to connect with parents in your trusted groups and privately manage your kids’ activities. UpToUs is completely free and very easy to... Read more


Submitted Tue 17 Feb '09
Trends discovery and anti-spam for social feeds

Avid users of social content are facing an avalanche of tweets, bookmarks, opinions, and photos shared by their friends. This content is often irrelevant to the current activity... Read more


Submitted Tue 17 Feb '09
Own the World!

The entire world is for sale – and everyone can own his favorite parts of it. WhatsYourPlace is a community-style Google Maps mashup. Members can buy and exclusively... Read more

The 845 Club

Submitted Tue 17 Feb '09
Video-based e-courses for people with no time

Individuals and businesses of all sizes and sectors can learn techniques across key business areas in a simple, easy to watch video format, alongside e-books, links, downloadable... Read more


Submitted Tue 17 Feb '09  ·  1 comment
Organize, Share, Discover Information Around Your...

Twine is a smarter way to keep up with what you’re into. A new way to collect content and connect with people who share your interests. Use Twine to track, find, and share what... Read more

Pict Image Hosting

Submitted Tue 17 Feb '09  ·  1 comment
One-click image hosting

New easy-to-use image hosting. Upload, link and share your images with one click. Main features: Multiple uploads with one click Easy-to-use interface Automatic image... Read more