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Submitted Fri 19 Nov '10
An innovative way to search IT projects from...

Jobsclicky is an application where people can find IT projects from famous freelance website on one place. Read more


Submitted Fri 19 Nov '10
One-stop place for Real Estate

MayPlaces is one-stop place for Real Estate which contain many places in around the world whether it is for sale/rent, an interesting location to visit, a services and everything... Read more

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  • Trevvo
    A handy and free CRM for small business that's been designed for your tablet
  • headslinger
    All the news you will ever need
  • SaneBox
    An intelligent email management tool that automatically cleans up your inbox
  • Touristlink
    A travel app that focuses on people as well as places
  • Taptrip
    A new kind of social network that already has 4 million users
  • ZooKazam
    Wow! There are 3D animals in my room!
  • RapidSpike
    Fully automated monitoring to ensure your site or app is always working well
  • Berry Blast
    Could this be the next Candy Crush Saga?
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New apps

  • Awardy
    Discover the Best of Cinematography
    Submitted Today
  • SherpaDesk
    Finally a help desk solution that...
    Submitted Tue 9 Feb '16
  • GO! Gravity
    go gravity game casual android...
    Submitted Tue 9 Feb '16
  • Coverband Camp
    Finally, a site for cover bands. Add...
    Submitted Mon 8 Feb '16
  • WhizzTips
    Connecting skills to needs locally,...
    Submitted Mon 8 Feb '16
  • Test4startup
    Ask artificial intelligence if your...
    Submitted Mon 8 Feb '16
  • Radiation Coach
    The best radiation therapy guide!
    Submitted Sat 6 Feb '16
  • wherbouts
    This app is a simple way of knowing...
    Submitted Sat 6 Feb '16
  • Shield Surfers
    Get on your shields and fight against...
    Submitted Sat 6 Feb '16
  • Tapoma
    Plan your trip in Thailand
    Submitted Sat 6 Feb '16
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Submitted Fri 19 Nov '10
Takes the hassle out of travel planning is a new type of travel site that lets people generate automatic detailed trip plans according to simple facts they provide. We have a short video that tells the... Read more


Submitted Fri 19 Nov '10
Search and Online Viewer for PDF files

PDF Search Engine and Online Viewer, provides free PDF files, ebooks and tutorials to search, download and view. Read more

Pre Play Sports

Submitted Fri 19 Nov '10
Prove It!

Pre Play Sports Football is a revolutionary live prediction gaming app that lets users show how well they know their favorite team and the game. We are about to release Pre Play... Read more


Submitted Fri 19 Nov '10
Make your movies lists

My Movie List is an online service allowing you to create a personal movie list, which you can access from anywhere as long as you have a computer connected to the Internet. My... Read more


Submitted Fri 19 Nov '10
A world wide web engineers' Technique Rank

GuruDigger collects everything about technique web engineers’ leave on the internet . Comparing and analyzing this data, we will work out a technique ability rank – Guru... Read more

The Business Poster

Submitted Fri 19 Nov '10
Oscillate your Company

The Business poster is the new form of interactive advertising which allows people and companies to upload their banners onto the slide show that best represents their category,... Read more


Submitted Fri 19 Nov '10
The worlds first real-time web ranking platform is the world’s first real-time web ranking platform, designed to cater for the need to better ranking, analytics and faster access to rich data-streams. iJust is... Read more


Submitted Thu 18 Nov '10
Automatically spell check your blogs

Here is a nice new web app called – an online spell checker for websites ( ) Respelt’s main difference to other spell checking tools is... Read more