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Submitted Mon 15 Feb '10  ·  1 comment
Twitter application for Windows phones

It’s easy to view your timeline, messages, replies and favorites. TouchTwit has a powerful Tweet-authoring screen that lets you write Tweets, upload photos and video. Rich Text... Read more


Submitted Mon 15 Feb '10
Direct Smartphone Chat

WhatsApp is a smartphone-to-smartphone messenger/chat application. WhatsApp allows you to carry on a conversation in real time with your mobile contacts without having to pay for... Read more

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    One click bookmarking in one location
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Submitted Sun 14 Feb '10
Custom Twitter Widget for your Website or Blog

Twiclur is a customizable widget that allows you to search for tweets and display them in a widget that can be embedded on any blog or website within minutes. Twiclur allows users... Read more


Submitted Sat 13 Feb '10
Sweet deals on vacation rentals

How PackLate works: We do the dirty work: We make deals with property managers to get big discounts on unsold nights. What’s the secret password? Our contracts prevent us... Read more


Submitted Sat 13 Feb '10
Mobile Analytics

Powerful, Flexible, and Easy to use. Motally features a patent-pending technology for tracking and reporting usage statistics on mobile websites and applications. Now featuring... Read more


Submitted Sat 13 Feb '10
Social Network for Government

GovLoop is the premier social network for government connecting over 20,000 federal, state and local employees, contractors and academics. Read more


Submitted Sat 13 Feb '10
Connecting Student Bodies

Do you have a crush on someone? Does someone have a crush on you? GoodCrush eliminates potential awkwardness and shyness from romantic interactions by offering simple, fun, and... Read more


Submitted Sat 13 Feb '10
Manage and measure your social media presence

SocialTALK helps you better manage and measure your social media presence and impact. With blogs and communities growing at an exponential rate, managing your company’s social... Read more


Submitted Sat 13 Feb '10  ·  5 comments
jQuery reorder and filter plugin

Quicksand is a reorder and filter items with a nice shuffling animation. Read more


Submitted Fri 12 Feb '10
Migrate your twitter followers to Google Buzz

tw2buzz is a new free service, making it easier to migrate your twitter contacts to Google Buzz. Everything is done in three easy steps: 1. login via twitter 2. the system... Read more