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Submitted Wed 27 May '09
Your Business's Twitter WebPresence

Quickly place your Business, Event or Community on Twitter. Twitter has crossed the chasm and is a valid community communication platform. Now that you have your Twitter... Read more


Submitted Tue 26 May '09
Share, backtest, screen, and explore stocks

A social portfolio managment site. Which allows you to share and create backtesters and screeners. Also you are able share trading ideas and track what other people are trading... Read more

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  • Facebook Timeline Cover Maker
    Customize your Facebook Timeline page
    Review posted Mon 9 Jan '12
  • Build Chatter
    An array of tools to create your Facebook fan page fast
    Review posted Fri 30 Dec '11
  • Miitla - Mind It Later
    One click bookmarking in one location
    Review posted Tue 3 Jan '12
  • Smivi
    Smart social video searching made easier
    Review posted Thu 5 Jan '12
  • Print a Calendar
    Fast calendars to print
    Review posted Thu 5 Jan '12
    Advanced analytics for your website
    Review posted Fri 6 Jan '12
  • GINQ
    Share your short and precise movie reviews
    Review posted Fri 30 Dec '11
  • headslinger
    All the news you will ever need
    Review posted Sat 7 Jan '12
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New apps

  • Selfie Sig
    Be a Star and put your Sig(nature) ...
    Submitted Thu 28 Aug '14
    Like Pingdom but simpler and cheaper
    Submitted Thu 28 Aug '14
  • Commingly
    Organize and share events to increase...
    Submitted Thu 28 Aug '14
    Build Relationships and Win More...
    Submitted Thu 28 Aug '14
  • Two Thousand Times
    Every Life is a Story Waiting to be...
    Submitted Thu 28 Aug '14
  • The Assets
    We fill the gap between business...
    Submitted Thu 28 Aug '14
  • Tap To Play
    Challenge your friends and other...
    Submitted Thu 28 Aug '14
  • Socialist
    Socialist is the new app for iOS 7...
    Submitted Thu 28 Aug '14
  • Egg Hunt Mania
    Combine eggs to free all the birds
    Submitted Thu 28 Aug '14
  • Hotelrevu
    Hotel ratings based on the sentiment...
    Submitted Thu 28 Aug '14
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Submitted Tue 26 May '09
Land an internship, co-op job or entry level...

Buddingup helps students, new graduates, interns and co-ops from College and University connect to the job world to land a sweet job or entry level career. Read more


Submitted Tue 26 May '09
The Sound of Tweets

TweetTunes is a website for tracking music on Twitter. You can see what people are saying about your favorite artists. Read more


Submitted Tue 26 May '09
See. Snap. Sorted.

Vizitag lets you setup and manage a set of mobile tags that can be used to deliver information and content when ‘snapped’ by a mobile phone equipped with a tag reader.... Read more

Submitted Tue 26 May '09
Bankroll management, statistics, and rakeback is an web application that helps you keep track of your bankroll. Whether you play online, offline, or both helps you keep track your results.... Read more


Submitted Tue 26 May '09
Connecting people, products, places and...

Local business directory including reviews, business profiles with addresses, phone numbers, websites, hours of operation, maps and local weather reports. Read more

Any Canvas

Submitted Tue 26 May '09
Paint and Share

Any Canvas is a service that allows you to paint a picture and shares its process with your friends. You can also paint a picture on photos or images you own, or on your web... Read more

Submitted Tue 26 May '09
Yhe least blogging service is the least, but stress-free blogging service. Cannot specify your account name. Cannot set your blog title. Cannot customize any design. Only contents... Read more


Submitted Tue 26 May '09  ·  3 comments
Record youself live just with a webcam and share...

Recordr is a way you record yourself live just with a microphone and a web camera, and share it with your friends. By using our bookmarklet, you can also comment with video/audio... Read more