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Reel Roulette

Submitted Sun 4 Apr '10
An easy way to find motion designers.

Find Great Talent: Click “Next Reel” to see a random motion design reel. If you see a reel you like, just hit “Like This Reel”. This will help bring the... Read more


Submitted Sun 4 Apr '10  ·  1 comment
the intuitive task management system

Simplizt is an intuitive task management system. This free online tool delivers functionality that allows the user to create and manage tasks quickly and easily. Users can create... Read more

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  • New York City Travel Guide
    Augmented Reality with Street and...
    Submitted Yesterday
  • Quran Online
    Quran Arabic English with Audio
    Submitted Yesterday
  • Market
    The Perfect Stock Market App
    Submitted Yesterday
  • Hover
    #1 app for RC Aircraft Enthusiasts
    Submitted Yesterday
  • Mailmen
    A Tool To Help You Write Better Cold...
    Submitted Yesterday
  • Easter Bubbles
    Easter Bubbles is nice and...
    Submitted Yesterday
  • Entrée
    Your Restaurant In Real-Time
    Submitted Yesterday
  • Countryball Adventures
    Get rolling with your Countryballs!
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  • Proximity
    Proximity helps you chat & locate...
    Submitted Fri 27 Mar '15
  • iPursue
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    Submitted Fri 27 Mar '15
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My Username Generator

Submitted Sat 3 Apr '10  ·  4 comments
Not all good usernames are taken!

My Username Generator is a free tool based on an unique algorithm which allows you to generate an endless number of random user names that would be suitable for use on the Web. Read more


Submitted Sat 3 Apr '10
PDF Search Engine With Previews

LocPDF is the first PDF search engine that gives you previews of the PDFs straight up – search through millions of documents that are normally hidden from the outside web! Read more

Submitted Sat 3 Apr '10
Share your weekly top artists from provides Twitter users with the ability to post their statistics automatically once per week or ad-hoc. You also get a profile showing you how many... Read more


Submitted Sat 3 Apr '10
Online Scheduling Made Easy

SkedgeMe was created to enable customers to book appointments with businesses online. Have you ever played phone tag trying to schedule an appointment and wished that you could... Read more

Submitted Fri 2 Apr '10
Respond to application failures quickly ! gives you ability of responding to failures of online applications very quickly before your users noticed the service outage. Email notifications Desktop-like... Read more


Submitted Fri 2 Apr '10
Greening the web

The Internet — we love it, and you do too — but just by reading this sentence, you are already involved in an issue that affects everyone. The Internet uses massive amounts of... Read more


Submitted Fri 2 Apr '10
The MySQL storage engine for solid-state drives

Optimized for solid-state drives: RethinkDB is designed and optimized for solid-state drives. Don’t just buy new technology, make use of it! The database is the log:... Read more


Submitted Fri 2 Apr '10  ·  8 comments
Shopping Cart Migration Service

Cart2Cart is an online shopping cart migration service which allows e-tailers to migrate all products, attributes, customers, manufactures, orders and other data from one shopping... Read more