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Submitted Mon 17 May '10
Tweet Calories Performance Test

Type your twitter use name, choose your gender and calculate how many calories you spend on twitter. Read more


Submitted Mon 17 May '10
Estimate websites free statistics is a website that offers a free service that allows a user to view free statistics of any website. We display (approximate) website worth, daily revenue, unique daily... Read more

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  • Facebook Timeline Cover Maker
    Customize your Facebook Timeline page
    Review posted Mon 9 Jan '12
  • Build Chatter
    An array of tools to create your Facebook fan page fast
    Review posted Fri 30 Dec '11
  • Miitla - Mind It Later
    One click bookmarking in one location
    Review posted Tue 3 Jan '12
  • Smivi
    Smart social video searching made easier
    Review posted Thu 5 Jan '12
  • Print a Calendar
    Fast calendars to print
    Review posted Thu 5 Jan '12
    Advanced analytics for your website
    Review posted Fri 6 Jan '12
  • GINQ
    Share your short and precise movie reviews
    Review posted Fri 30 Dec '11
  • headslinger
    All the news you will ever need
    Review posted Sat 7 Jan '12
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New apps

Site Age Ratings

Submitted Sun 16 May '10
Sites Age Ratings - Automatically

The internet is a wonderful resource for people of all ages, but as with any type of media children may wander onto sites that may not be suited for them. Our age rating system... Read more

Your Age in Days

Submitted Sun 16 May '10
Calculate your age in days.

You know how old you are in years, but have you ever wondered for how many days, weeks and months you have been alive? Read more


Submitted Sun 16 May '10
File Explorer Built for the WEB

Manage your files located on web services, social networks, and computer systems in one place. Works with Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, GoogleDoc, and many other places. Read more


Submitted Sun 16 May '10
Family first - Welcome to your family online

With Fambit, you can extend the family conversations online and store all the things to remember in one shared place. You can easily set up the service on behalf of your whole... Read more


Submitted Sun 16 May '10  ·  3 comments
Your Google Apps Companion

The easiest way to work with your google apps. Read more

Grab That File

Submitted Sun 16 May '10  ·  2 comments
Download MySpace MP3s (free!)

Download MySpace MP3s directly to your harddisk free of charge Read more

Hello Movies

Submitted Sun 16 May '10  ·  2 comments
Find a movie to watch

See what’s playing on Hulu, iTunes, Netflix, and more. Narrow your choices. Watch, Rate, Review and make movies lists. Catalog your movies. Get recommendations. See what... Read more

Submitted Sun 16 May '10
Rotate PDF documents online and for free allows you to rotate your PDF documents just nicely: Nothing to download and install. is an online service. is 100% free on charge. No... Read more