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Tweets Lounge

Submitted Thu 24 Sep '09
Yelp style directory of neighborhood businesses...

Tweets Lounge is a Yelp style Twitter directory of neighborhood businesses using Twitter. Within a neighborhood like downtown Seattle, you can see all the Twitter businesses in a... Read more


Submitted Thu 24 Sep '09  ·  3 comments
Know that a relationship exists, not just an...

WhoDoYouKnowAt helps you leverage your relationships for personal, business or civic gain with a private networking application you completely control. It differentiates itself... Read more

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New apps


Submitted Thu 24 Sep '09
Multi Search

By using the Bigola search you can combine the results from Twitter, Digg, Youtube, Friendfeed and Technorati. On the results page you can filter your results by site. Read more


Submitted Thu 24 Sep '09  ·  1 comment
Online Business Networking for Business...

MeetTheBoss is the premier industry networking, communication, and content delivery site for senior management, across all vertical industries. While not solely a networking tool,... Read more


Submitted Thu 24 Sep '09
Professional service management without the pain

Manage your IT services more effectively and keep your customers happier with Beetil. Beetil is the world’s easiest to use service management tool. That’s what our customers tell... Read more


Submitted Thu 24 Sep '09
The Twitter Outfitter

Find. Rate. Collect. Share. Twitter is confusing. What’s the value? How do you start? Apps make Twitter better. Find yours. Read more


Submitted Thu 24 Sep '09
Vocabulary Videos

This website has a collection of short, simple and fun video clips to correctly define and provide examples of around 800 words in context. The videos are entirely appropriate for... Read more


Submitted Thu 24 Sep '09
Real-time local Twitter trends

Trendsmap is a real-time mapping of Twitter trends across the world. See what the global, collective mass of humanity are discussing right now. Read more


Submitted Thu 24 Sep '09
Check-in find your friends unlock your city

Foursquare on your phone gives you & your friends new ways to explore where you live. Earn points & badges by doing new things. Read more

CSS Gallery

Submitted Thu 24 Sep '09
iPhone app that simplifies the way web designers...

With hundreds of page design galleries out there, it’s hard to keep tabs on all the latest trends. With CSS Gallery for your iPhone, you can easily browse, save and share... Read more