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Submitted Wed 4 Feb '09
Create tasks directly from twitter

You don’t have to provide your email or twitter password. Follow @twtask on twitter so that you can send direct messages. Reply @twtask with a task or send a direct message... Read more


Submitted Wed 4 Feb '09
Get Emails Without Revealing Your Email Address

whspr! gives you a temporary URL for your email address, so you can get emails without revealing it. Need to receive a message by email, but can’t (or don’t want to)... Read more

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Popular phrase research

Submitted Wed 4 Feb '09
A new kind of keyword research

Ranks phrases according to their popularity among authoritative websites. Read more


Submitted Wed 4 Feb '09  ·  18 comments
Video Dating Network

Video sharing and dating : watch and share amateur (homemade) sexy videos, make connections, meet real sex partners. Vibeex helps you improve and spice up your sex life through... Read more


Submitted Wed 4 Feb '09  ·  18 comments
Financial Tools for Friends, Family, Business,...

ZimpleMoney is a financial service platform designed for people managing financial agreements. ZimpleMoney operates in naturally occurring social networks; what we call social... Read more


Submitted Wed 4 Feb '09  ·  1 comment
Free productivity tool that helps you get things...

Simplify your life and get things done. Doris allows you to better focus on the essentials. Offload all the things you need to remember onto your Doris account and free up your... Read more


Submitted Wed 4 Feb '09
Local classifieds with a conscience

buythechange makes it easy to buy and sell with your friends and neighbors! Find goods and services from people you trust Sell your stuff to friends and neighbors Hear about... Read more


Submitted Wed 4 Feb '09
Find and collaborate with people who love what...

Wikia is a community destination supporting the creation and development of wiki communities on any topic people are passionate about. We currently support over 6000 communities... Read more


Submitted Wed 4 Feb '09
Blog search

Real-time blog search engine and trends tracking. Read more


Submitted Wed 4 Feb '09
Share your music on Twitter

Login with your Twitter username and password, upload your music and Twiturm will send out a tweet for you, with a link back to your song, making it easy for all followers to hear... Read more