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Submitted Tue 28 Jul '09
Rate & Research Financial Advisor Tweets

fabeetle is currently in development and will be launching later this year. In the meantime, the developers decided to have some fun but putting up this twitter aggregation site... Read more


Submitted Tue 28 Jul '09  ·  1 comment
Accounting for the rest of us

Accounting made easy, enter your income, enter your expenses and you’re ready to go, don’t really have to worry about all that credit, debit stuff the program will do... Read more

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New apps

Submitted Tue 28 Jul '09
People in communities help each other connects people with abilities to people with matching needs inside their community and partner organizations. It’s an efficient, safe, easy, and dare we say fun way... Read more


Submitted Tue 28 Jul '09
Information & news on a map

Geoviu is an online platform that allows you to see information and news on a map. Read more


Submitted Tue 28 Jul '09
Go spy someone!

SpyTwitter is the latest application dedicated to one of the fastest growing micro-blogging sites, Twitter. All the data available on SpyTwitter is collected using the Twitter... Read more


Submitted Tue 28 Jul '09
Avartize your Avatar

Customize your avatar with Add an overlay of your favorite logo, symbol or design to your Twitter profile picture. It’s free! Read more


Submitted Tue 28 Jul '09
Social. Mobile. Viral. On-Demand.

The fastest and most direct way for your customers to access information about your business. Simply enter keywords and responses in to my automated response system and I will do... Read more


Submitted Tue 28 Jul '09
Have a Great Trip

A travel tool to plan, book, and manage your business trips from Microsoft Outlook. Schedule appointments and book travel for that appointment all at the same time and in the... Read more


Submitted Tue 28 Jul '09
Build your knowledge socially

Questioon is a social utility enabling you to pose questions to Google or Real People. Get real Answers from real people! Read more


Submitted Tue 28 Jul '09
Redefine online video

uvLayer aims to redefine online video. With uvLayer users can easily manipulate their media, collect and publish to the web, and share videos with friends across their social... Read more