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Submitted Mon 2 Feb '09  ·  1 comment
Visual Bookmarks

MyClusta is a place to store all your favourite internet sites on the web. It automatically creates a slick visual representation of your chosen favourite sites. Think of it as... Read more

Submitted Mon 2 Feb '09
showcase your work!

PortfolioScript is a PHP script that allows you to present your design work over the Internet. It’s extremely user friendly and easy to setup. It’s also very easy to... Read more

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Submitted Mon 2 Feb '09
Pledge cash by Tweet

Tweet cash to anyone, anywhere. Earn more, pledge tips and donations to websites, blogs, videos from your Twitter Account. Twippr receives direct tweets from your twitter account.... Read more

Web 2.0 Write

Submitted Mon 2 Feb '09  ·  3 comments
Eeverything written with icons of famous Web 2.0...

Write your text with logos of Famous Web 2.0 Services and share it with friends on social networks or download as an image. Read more

Live web stats

Submitted Mon 2 Feb '09
Real time traffic monitoring service

Live web stats provides you and your readers with a real-time view of visitors to your blog. See where in the World your visitors are, which websites they arrive from, what pages... Read more

Social Browse

Submitted Mon 2 Feb '09  ·  19 comments
Share what you find in real time with your friends

Socialbrowse is a way to share links and see what others are sharing. Socialbrowse is a browser extension that lets you share any link you read with a single click and... Read more

Friendly Opinion

Submitted Mon 2 Feb '09
Securely solicit opinion from your Facebook...

Friendly Opinion is a Social Application. Friendly Opinion allows you to leverage your Facebook network and gather their opinion on the issues that are important to you. Use this... Read more


Submitted Mon 2 Feb '09
The Single Button Merchandise Solution

AddMerch allows people to turn their website into a full, Print-On-Demand Merchandise and Apparel store with only two lines of Javascript. They can sell their own images, photos... Read more


Submitted Sun 1 Feb '09
The Live, Online Events Guide

CalFeed is a guide for online events. CalFeed gathers and categorizes online event information from many sources. Then it allows visitors to Vote on those events. The more popular... Read more


Submitted Sun 1 Feb '09
On-line lists

Listigator is your all purpose on-line list management application or, in other words, the place to manage your personal and shared lists. Read more