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Submitted Tue 31 Aug '10
The best way to curate and publish Twitter

Publitweet is a platform to curate real-time content, and make it more readable, shareable and monetizable. Real-time content: Leverage the real-time content you and others... Read more


Submitted Tue 31 Aug '10
Product Support Made Simple

ShowUhow provides a web-based, integrated sales and customer support platform for manufacturers and retailers of consumer products. The ShowUhow platform gives consumers access to... Read more

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  • SaneBox
    An intelligent email management tool that automatically cleans up your inbox
  • headslinger
    All the news you will ever need
  • Trevvo
    A handy and free CRM for small business that's been designed for your tablet
  • Berry Blast
    Could this be the next Candy Crush Saga?
  • Paradot
    Classic old school gameplay for modern devices
  • Allset
    Have your food ready and waiting for you at your favorite lunchtime restaurant
  • ZooKazam
    Wow! There are 3D animals in my room!
  • CritDice
    Easier and a heck of a lot more fun than just rolling dice
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New apps

Urban Interns

Submitted Tue 31 Aug '10
A place to find part-time assistants

Urban Interns is a national marketplace that connects small businesses with people seeking part-time jobs and internships. Post a job. Search our database. Contact qualified... Read more


Submitted Tue 31 Aug '10
The real-time web. Delivered.

Kwwika keeps the information on your website, Rich Internet Application (RIA) or desktop application perfectly up to date, all the time. As your content changes, Kwwika streams... Read more


Submitted Tue 31 Aug '10
Deals on vibrant things to do locally and abroad

zozi gets you deals on vibrant things to do locally and abroad. We’re giving away $500,000 in FREE stuff today! zozi bought $500,000 worth of activities to give away free to... Read more


Submitted Tue 31 Aug '10
Inventory Management & ecommerce made easier

Inventory Sharing, Invoicing & Social Store Builder. Centralize the Conversation: Reduce the number of back and forth emails between contacts. Discussions are centralized... Read more


Submitted Tue 31 Aug '10
The Social Network for Collectors

NotForSaleNow allows you to safely display your prized possessions and put them to work, attracting offers over time from interested parties. We give you the opportunity to... Read more


Submitted Tue 31 Aug '10
Free privacy policy generator

GeneratePrivacyPolicy is a service which allows you to create professional privacy policies with our user friendly tools. Privacy policy agreements are tailored specifically for... Read more

Test Whether They Know

Submitted Mon 30 Aug '10
How smart HR managers verify. takes HR managers through the steps of designing and scoring tests for the workplace. First, an easy-to-use guide helps managers produce a test based on... Read more

Makeover Machine

Submitted Mon 30 Aug '10
Submit your small business website for a free...

Small business owners can sign up to submit their website for a redesign/makeover. A mock up of their homepage is redesigned and posted on very promptly. The... Read more