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Submitted Sat 17 Jul '10
It's not just a URL shortener, it's a social... is the newest social media linking solution. it is used not only as a URL shortener, but as a social media manager by everyone. Read more


Submitted Fri 16 Jul '10
Voice calls from websites, without phone

Zingaya enables voice calls from any computer, right from a website. No download is required, nor is the phone. Zingaya offers this seamless voice call capability to website... Read more

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  • WakesApp
    A simple, fun and free app to remind you of everything that you need to do
  • Trevvo
    A handy and free CRM for small business that's been designed for your tablet
  • headslinger
    All the news you will ever need
  • Slemma
    Collaborative data visualization thats easy to use, cost effective and all in one platform
  • MathsMatch
    You can have fun with maths and be good at it too
  • Geenio
    Create your own business courses to keep your employees up to scratch
  • Camera Plus Snap Macro Photos & Take The Best Selfies with AirSnap
    Make your iOS device your camera and your Apple Watch your viewfinder to the world
  • Muut
    A free, fully customizable forum and commentary box for your website
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New apps

  • Inline Manual
    Engage and support customers through...
    Submitted Today
  • WonUpFit
    Compete with Friends to keep you...
    Submitted Today
  • Scroll and Find
    Can you find the right person on time?
    Submitted Today
  • tweet580
    Tweet Free From Limits
    Submitted Today
  • Mole (BETA)
    the war of wallpapers has begun...
    Submitted Yesterday
  • StarAlien
    We are challenging you!
    Submitted Yesterday
  • Core Music Player
    the best way to listen to music
    Submitted Yesterday
  • Read!
    Read! It's an app that improves your...
    Submitted Yesterday
  • 10x10 Fight
    1010 10x10 fight tetris fun
    Submitted Yesterday
  • Daily100
    A simple daily workout for the...
    Submitted Yesterday
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SEO Monitor

Submitted Fri 16 Jul '10
SEO Campaign Monitoring Service

Online service to analyze and monitor your SEO campaigns. PageRank, Google, Yahoo and Bing SERPs, Backlinks, Suggestions, Social Bookmarking tools and more. Sign up for free. Read more


Submitted Fri 16 Jul '10
Free all-purpose icons for designers and...

gcons is a comprehensive collection of 100 creative, multi-purpose and open source icons for the web and desktop applications. Read more


Submitted Fri 16 Jul '10
Create Your Corporate Portal in the Cloud

TeamLab is a free open-source platform for business collaboration and project management. By offering the vast majority of features for free, TeamLab enables companies to easily... Read more


Submitted Fri 16 Jul '10
Work, rest or play. Manage every minute of your...

A new way to see your day by colour-coding your time entries for projects, lunch breaks, social events and more, Kipu makes it easy to see how you’ve spent your time and even... Read more


Submitted Fri 16 Jul '10
Mutual funds reinvented is a crowdsourced mutual fund. It is managed by all the users. You can vote on stocks, influence the decisions, earn money and have fun. Read more


Submitted Fri 16 Jul '10
location-based advertising platform

POIdo is a pay-per-action location-based advertising (LBA) platform providing ads targeted using users’ precise location, context and behavior in applications on mobile phones and... Read more


Submitted Fri 16 Jul '10
THE twitter unfollow game

ChumpDump is THE twitter unfollow game for iPhone and Android. Gameplay is simple, you have chumps in your friends list, they know it, we know it, you know it. ChumpDump wants to... Read more


Submitted Fri 16 Jul '10
Make good things happen

Ulule helps you make good things happen by organizing online fundraising campaigns. Your donors will only be charged if you reach your fundraising goal. In exchange for their... Read more