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Submitted Thu 1 Jul '10
Protect your private information on Facebook

Are Facebook’s privacy settings leaving you exposed? Protect your private information with PrivacyDefender, our easy-to-use Facebook app. If you’ve ever tried to adjust the... Read more


Submitted Thu 1 Jul '10
Let your visitors embed your content rather than...

Embedded content comes with a link back to build SEO and traffic. Embedded content is invisible to search engines. Ad space contained within each embed lets you monetize... Read more

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Submitted Wed 30 Jun '10
Open source (free) PPC campaigns management

The first open source alternative to expensive Web applications of advertisement management (mostly pay per click networks). It helps marketers and SEM professionals to save time... Read more


Submitted Wed 30 Jun '10
A simple yet powerful platform to run...

Geotoko is a campaign management platform that allows businesses to run contests and sweepstakes using location-based services (LBS). Reward users for checking-in using... Read more


Submitted Wed 30 Jun '10
Easily create an event that you can share with...

PartyPlannr is a quick, easy to use web application to easily create an event that you can share with potential patrons and friends. You have the option of being notified via RSS... Read more


Submitted Wed 30 Jun '10
Employee time tracking by phone or computer

Online time clock and timesheet software, designed for business owners, bookkeepers, and payroll professionals. Employees clock in and out via phone or web. Read more


Submitted Wed 30 Jun '10
Real Time Web Traffic Visualization

Hummingbird lets you see how visitors are interacting with your website in real time. And by “real time” we don’t mean it refreshes every 5 minutes—WebSockets enable Hummingbird... Read more


Submitted Wed 30 Jun '10
Feed Button and Feed Cache in One

FEEDCAT.NET is mainly dedicated to boosting feeds and also serves as a public catalogue of feeds (RSS and ATOM). You can submit your feeds and use services for free. What is the... Read more

My Best Face

Submitted Wed 30 Jun '10
Have the world pick your best photo

Upload a few photos of yourself and we’ll send you a detailed report showing you which is best. Read more


Submitted Wed 30 Jun '10
Turn Your Profile Pic Into a Video

Let Your Friends Know You Better, turn Your Profile Pic Into a Video Read more