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Shoot it

Submitted Mon 31 Aug '09  ·  1 comment
Postcard Messaging - Turn your iphone into a...

Shoot it! will enable you to send a real, photo postcard from anywhere to anyone in the world directly from your mobile device. Read more


Submitted Mon 31 Aug '09
Free, Self-service API management

Analytics and Protection for APIs and Mashups: Understand API usage. Protect your apps and back-end. Enforce API terms of use. Read more

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New apps


Submitted Mon 31 Aug '09
Online Contests Made Simple

Strutta ia a contest platform, for contest or product testing promotions, with UGC (user-generated content), community voting and judging. Read more


Submitted Sun 30 Aug '09
an online business card allow visitor to build online business card. Each of business card page have a lot of feature that aimed to increase user personal branding. Read more


Submitted Sun 30 Aug '09
Auto follow twitter software service bot

Tweebo automates tweeting on your behalf to reach Twitter members around the globe while you sleep. Seed Tweebo with search terms and it will follow Twitter members matching those... Read more


Submitted Sat 29 Aug '09
Resume hosting and discovery service

ResumePark is a resume hosting and discovery service. It allows you to easily publish your resume online, for free. Regardless of your environment, resume formats are preserved... Read more


Submitted Sat 29 Aug '09
Productivity & Promotional Tools For Filmmakers

Create & manage your online showreel, collaborate with others, find work & get discovered. Manage your projects online with ReelClever project management tools. Read more

Color Stream

Submitted Fri 28 Aug '09
A beautiful color tool for iPhone

Finally, a color app that feels like it’s working with you rather than against! If you’re working with colors daily, or even if you just enjoy looking at and creating colors, this... Read more


Submitted Fri 28 Aug '09
A campaign against dedicated re-twitters

Brownosr is a sophisticated engine capable of identifying brownosing activities on twitter. Read more


Submitted Fri 28 Aug '09
Employee Scheduling has never been this easy

Make employee schedules in seconds and cut costs while keeping employees happy. Automatic shift assignment based on staffing needs and employee availability and vacations. A very... Read more