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Submitted Thu 24 Jun '10
Video Tagging, Queuing, Sharing.

BlipSnips makes online video awesome. Use BlipSnips to link your friends right to the good stuff. Explain every snip in your own words, and share your BlipSnips tags with any... Read more


Submitted Thu 24 Jun '10
Product recommendations from experts

Ask an expert for buying advice or recommendations. Snubbr is your own personal shopping assistant powered by thousands of experts all around the world. Read more

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Submitted Thu 24 Jun '10
RSS feed reading done right

Feedlooks is a new web-based RSS reader. Read blogs and other content in full visual glory. Check your feeds in a familiar email-like interface Read content in its full visual... Read more

Dead Simple Monitor

Submitted Thu 24 Jun '10
Website Uptime Monitoring without the Bloat.

A website uptime monitor that is simple and easy. Every 5 minutes, it checks to make sure your website is up and running. It alerts you when it’s down, so you’re the... Read more


Submitted Thu 24 Jun '10
The new generation of bookmarks

Cut the best portions of your favorite websites to visualize them all on the same space. Read more


Submitted Thu 24 Jun '10
Your way to organize geospatial data!

The G4 is a tool for everybody who wants to keep his/her geospatial data organized and accessible from around the world with ability to share and collaborate with friends. With G4... Read more


Submitted Thu 24 Jun '10
All your media anywhere. HD sharing with friends.

Add all of your High Def video, photos and music to LIBOX and it is instantly available to enjoy on any device. Share your media privately with your friends, for free. Read more


Submitted Thu 24 Jun '10
Church rostering and volunteer management software

elvanto is church rostering and volunteer management software. elvanto takes care of all your church rostering needs. It allows you to create a service with a couple of simple... Read more


Submitted Thu 24 Jun '10
Property Analysis Made Easy

RealYields was built for investors, wholesalers, and realtors to increase transparency and validate residential real estate property. INVESTORS Make sound decisions by... Read more


Submitted Wed 23 Jun '10
Quit Fussing Around- Get Organized Fast.

Keep track of all your notes, todos dates, and tags in a easy, quick, text based format. Productivity isn’t about drop-downs, or rating systems. It’s about quickly recording the... Read more