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Submitted Fri 16 Jul '10
location-based advertising platform

POIdo is a pay-per-action location-based advertising (LBA) platform providing ads targeted using users’ precise location, context and behavior in applications on mobile phones and... Read more


Submitted Fri 16 Jul '10
THE twitter unfollow game

ChumpDump is THE twitter unfollow game for iPhone and Android. Gameplay is simple, you have chumps in your friends list, they know it, we know it, you know it. ChumpDump wants to... Read more

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    Some apps are sent to change our lives - this is one of them
  • Trevvo
    A handy and free CRM for small business that's been designed for your tablet
  • headslinger
    All the news you will ever need
  • Lemon Group Messenger
    A group messaging app that would even make Don Draper proud
  • Zinkerz TOEFL
    Pass your 'English as a second language' test the first time!
  • Photocon
    An easy way to stich two photos together without using Photoshop
  • Invasion: Online War Game
    Invade and plunder your enemies with a great new online war strategy game for mobile
  • Why.Not?
    Change the way you interact with people and events online
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Submitted Fri 16 Jul '10
Make good things happen

Ulule helps you make good things happen by organizing online fundraising campaigns. Your donors will only be charged if you reach your fundraising goal. In exchange for their... Read more

Go Freelance Jobs

Submitted Fri 16 Jul '10
Find the hottest freelance jobs on the net!

Search and post freelance jobs in the field of web design, web development, PHP programming, Flash Design, article writers and more. Read more


Submitted Fri 16 Jul '10
Build guided tours for your web site!

Touration is a service for adding great looking help callouts to the elements of your web site without any scripting, using just a visual editor. Tours may help your visitor... Read more

Submitted Fri 16 Jul '10
Reserve. Relax. Enjoy the change. is a vacation rental marketplace looking to change the way you travel. They believe in the simplicity of booking a dream vocation rental securely, with ease, and... Read more


Submitted Fri 16 Jul '10
Watch, Tagg, Learn

VidTaggr lets you search taggs and watch videos with realtime trivia, quotes, goofs and more. Watch your favorite DVDs and YouTube videos in a rich media format that gives you... Read more


Submitted Fri 16 Jul '10
Craigslist postings directly to your email

Craigslist postings directly to your email simply setting: Where do you live What are you searching for How often should alert you Read more


Submitted Fri 16 Jul '10
Single Sign-on for the Real World

A platform for identity management utilizing near field communications, strong authentication, and lots more buzzwordy awesomeness to help developers build something just plain... Read more

Workplace Stars

Submitted Thu 15 Jul '10
Review, Connect and Improve Your Organization.

Workplace Stars offer free workplace reviews, a free member community dedicated to enhancing the world of work and workplace effectiveness surveys for leaders to improve key... Read more