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Submitted Sun 4 Jul '10
Customer feedback 2.0 - Listen and become smarter

A solution that greatly simplifies the management of customer feedback, User Echo will let you add a widget to your site that can be used by any person who has tried your services... Read more


Submitted Sun 4 Jul '10
Your football news

fuboh is a football news link aggregator just in time for the world cup! This site lets you comment, and see your facebook friend’s reactions to the current football news.... Read more

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  • WakesApp
    A simple, fun and free app to remind you of everything that you need to do
  • Trevvo
    A handy and free CRM for small business that's been designed for your tablet
  • headslinger
    All the news you will ever need
  • Slemma
    Collaborative data visualization thats easy to use, cost effective and all in one platform
  • MathsMatch
    You can have fun with maths and be good at it too
  • Geenio
    Create your own business courses to keep your employees up to scratch
  • Camera Plus Snap Macro Photos & Take The Best Selfies with AirSnap
    Make your iOS device your camera and your Apple Watch your viewfinder to the world
  • Muut
    A free, fully customizable forum and commentary box for your website
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New apps

  • Tripster
    Best way for travelers to discover...
    Submitted Today
  • Color Strike Defense
    Destroy waves of increasing...
    Submitted Today
  • Inline Manual
    Engage and support customers through...
    Submitted Today
  • WonUpFit
    Compete with Friends to keep you...
    Submitted Today
  • Scroll and Find
    Can you find the right person on time?
    Submitted Today
  • tweet580
    Tweet Free From Limits
    Submitted Today
  • Mole (BETA)
    the war of wallpapers has begun...
    Submitted Yesterday
  • StarAlien
    We are challenging you!
    Submitted Yesterday
  • Core Music Player
    the best way to listen to music
    Submitted Yesterday
  • Read!
    Read! It's an app that improves your...
    Submitted Yesterday
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Submitted Sat 3 Jul '10
Uptime and Performance Monitoring 24/7

Uptime and Performance Monitoring 24/7 Fully managed hosted service — easy to start Measure your website uptime and performance — 24/7 Be the first to know about problems —... Read more


Submitted Sat 3 Jul '10
A simple online notepad with many useful features.

A simple online notepad with many useful features, such as Textile or Markdown markup, a clean design, portability, automatic media embedding, and more. Read more


Submitted Sat 3 Jul '10
Mobile websites for restaurants.

ChompStack is the easiest way for a restaurants to build a mobile version of their website. Reach more customers, promote your menu, and attract new business with an easily... Read more

Blogger Touch

Submitted Sat 3 Jul '10
Make your blog with mobile/iphone theme

Blogger Touch is the fast way to make your Blogger (* with mobile/iPhone version. After install the widget into the blogger’s sidebar, the widget will redirect... Read more


Submitted Sat 3 Jul '10
Check-in to any webpage

Mabzy lets you check-in to any webpage on the Internet using either its bookmarklet, web buttons (like Tweetmeme’s), or just on the site by copying and pasting a URL. Each... Read more


Submitted Fri 2 Jul '10
Web publishing by Email

Jotpress provides a free and secure community for anyone to share their content with the world, in the simplest way possible, using their email. You can publish random thoughts,... Read more


Submitted Fri 2 Jul '10
Demographic Data in Seconds

You get cut-and-paste ready demographic data in seconds with Cubit technology. Using a Google map interface, you draw your area of interest on a map and press a button to get... Read more


Submitted Fri 2 Jul '10
Learn a new word everyday (by using it in a...

A game in which each player tries to write a sentence best illustrating the meaning of the word of the day. Each day, the sentence with the most user votes is the winner (or... Read more